Welcome Readers!

Welcome readers to my new blog where I will post as often as I can about my writing and news related to it. I also intend to publish short excerpts from my novel as well.

To get us started, below is a short excerpt from Chapter 1 of "A Trio of Worlds." I hope you enjoy it!

    "Space is really big." Gallagher thought to himself at the moment he found himself floating about with only an environmental suit, a severed life-support tether, and his confused thoughts to keep him company.
    Seconds earlier, Gallagher had been trying to repair damage to an external solar panel while humming the tune to some annoying advertisement he had been unlucky enough to see one too many times on his pad. He stretched an arm out, straining to reach a sheared off bolt after a rather precarious journey through an asteroid field. Those micro-meteorites did significant damage to the more delicate exterior portions of the ship. That was when all hell broke loose. All hell, at least, for Major Cormac Gallagher. One instant he was going about his task, and in the next, he was bobbing along, untethered and all alone in empty space.
    “Damn,” said Gallagher.


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