Call for Reviewers: Heirs of the Ancients

The sequel to A Trio of Worlds is coming out soon and I am looking for reviewers to read the advanced copy. If you are interested, please contact me using the contact form, or click this link to get a copy. You can also find me on Twitter at

Did Life Originate on Mars?

One of the premises of my upcoming novel Heirs of the Ancients is that life originated on Mars. I just ran across a fascinating article that actually seems to support at least part of my plot! 

To quote from the article: 

Mars formed before Earth did. Early in Martian history when Mars was cooling down, Mars would have had a "hospitable" environment before Earth.

"If life was going to start anywhere it might start first on Mars," Asphaug said. "We don't know what the requirement is — you know, if it required something super special like the existence of a moon or some factors that are unique to the Earth — but just in terms of what place had liquid water first, that would have been Mars.

I won't give away more than what I've already said, but it is always so weird to write a fictional account of some event and then read days or weeks later about some scientific ideas on the same subject! 

The article appeared in I encourage you to peruse it while you wait for me to finish Heirs of the Ancients. While you wait, you could also pick up the prequel, A Trio of Worlds.

Happy reading everyone!

Exclusive Excerpt: Heirs of the Ancients

As promised, here is an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming novel "Heirs of the Ancients." This is book two of The Three World Chronicles. The book is not quite finished but expect publication within a few months!

Without further ado: "Heirs of the Ancients"

The Negotiator sat in the semi-darkened room, waiting for the arrival of The Emissary. Decades passed since the D’lai had been vanquished in the skies above Gathung’l and Earth. The shame of Negotiator D’iash left an immutable scar upon the D’lai consciousness. Those few who remained fled to the scorched and ruined planet Cathar Prime in a desperate bid to find a shred of peace. In systems all over the Orion Arm, countless D’lai ships had been disabled and destroyed, thanks to the discovery of the smuggler Zea Windrow. Her FTL jump trick sent many thousands of D’lai to their doom in the stars they still believed theirs to rule.

Now, alone and virtually homeless, the D’lai remnant waited and planned for their triumphant return. It took years, but they slowly rebuilt Cathar Prime in their own image. Any Cathari who dared to defy their right rule this scarred planet they banished with the same cruelty they were once subjected to. 

Cathar Prime had once been home to the Cathari Alliance and boasted beautiful cities and graceful countryside. Now, even after over twenty years since the violent conquest of the planet, no corner was free of devastation. The former capital city had never been rebuilt. The D’lai  left it as a memorial and a reminder for the ordinary Cathari of their eternal shame, and crushing defeat. Smaller cities slowly sprang up out of the ruins, and the D’lai and Cathari now maintained an uneasy peace.

Among the survivors of the D’lai fleets arose a new Negotiator. He studied under the disgraced Ret D’iash and learned her cruel but cunning methods of conquest, command, and fear. Brik Zat’ol had been aboard The Spector when the final battle had been lost. Zat’ol witnessed first-hand the cruelty of D’iash in not only implementing her conquest plans, but in how she dealt with the secretive cabal of Commanders that attempted to overthrow her rule. Zat’ol, a junior officer on board The Spector, had been recruited to the cabal himself. His greatest accomplishment in the battle did not shower him in glory, but it did bring him personal pride. He found the dying Negotiator in a corridor outside and her quarters caused her death. The memory still brought him pleasure.

Now he sat in this poorly lit room awaiting the visit of an Emissary from the ancient Umawei Empire. Anticipation of the meeting thrilled him. Centuries in the past, when the D’lai had been expelled from Cathar Prime by a religious sect called the Däk’in, the D’lai encountered the remnants of the Umawei Empire. Awed by the mega structures left by these mysterious aliens, the D’lai believed they found the origins of their planet. 

Are Aliens Already Among Us?

Recently in the news there have been so many reports in the news on the recent reports from the US Government about the unidentified aerial phenomenon. Articles in respectable publications such as The New York Times are mind-blowing to read.

As a Science Fiction writer I find this kind of news utterly fascinating. Could this all be true? An excerpt from my novel A Trio of Worlds seems appropriate at this juncture!

Chapter One Excerpt: The first appearance by the Cathari had resulted in planet wide chaos. The second appearance of the Cathari was just after the planet wrapped up a successful attempt at unifying. Humans were not fooled by the reappearance. It was generally believed that the strides the planet had made toward peace was the motivating factor in their re-emergence.

Curious and want to read more? Check out A Trio of Worlds. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited!

Coming Soon: Book Two of The Three World Chronicles

Book Two is shaping up in a major way with approximately 80% of it put to paper! The sequel to A Trio of Worlds is going to be quite the adventure and I can't wait to get it into the hands of my readers! Keep in mind the title and cover may change, but here is a tentative mock-up of what it looks like so far! 

In my next post, I'll include an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 1. Until then, grab an excerpt of the first book in the series, A Trio of Worlds.

Author Spotlight – Interview with Sci-Fi Writer James R. Norwood


I was interviewed by the super-friendly Julie Nosh for her blog, Nosh with Chef Julie. Below is a copy. Make sure to visit her blog!

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you.
My website is I’m on Twitter @jrnorwood and Facebook I’m marginally on Instagram at jrnteach.

What is the name of your book or blog, and how did you get started?
My book is called “A Trio of Worlds.” It is a Sci-Fi novel set about a hundred years into the future. I got started with this novel a few years ago when I sat down and wrote the first fifteen pages from an idea I had about an astronaut being stranded in space. I put the idea away and from time to time I would think of it or re-read it. I remember often thinking how great a story it could be. I finally decided to finish it when my wife asked me what I was interested in. It took me only a few weeks of writing to finish the first draft. 

What would you like to promote?
I would like to promote my newest novel, “A Trio of Worlds.” It is available on Amazon as an eBook or Kindle Unlimited, a paperback on Amazon, or an audiobook on Audible or iTunes.

What is your favorite movie that was based on a book?
I’d have to say my favorite book, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, is also my favorite movie, although it’s technically a mini-series. I’ve read the novel several times and once out of curiosity, I emailed Ken Follett to ask him about the possibility of a movie. To my shock, he emailed me back. He told me he didn’t have any current plans for an adaptation. Fast forward a few years and I found out that Starz was going to have a mini-series based on the book. Without even talking to my wife, I subscribed to Starz so I could watch it! I like to think I was the reason the book was adapted and that my question sparked Mr. Follett’s imagination. I’m sure I’m wrong though.

Do you connect with any of the characters in your book?
One of the strangest things I’ve observed as I wrote the first book and began work on the second in the series is that my characters really surprise me by their actions. I know that they are my own imagination, but when I’m “in the zone” of writing, my characters behave as if they are real, and sometimes what they say or do blow my mind. I don’t think I connect with them in the sense of them being like someone I know in real life, but I do feel like I connect with them because I can never wait to find out what they are going to do next!

What are you reading right now?
Right now I am reading “The Hollow Crown” by Dan Jones.

What is a typical day of writing look like for you?
I always try to set a goal of writing at least 2,000 words per day when I’m working on a project. I find this is not an unreasonable number to reach. Sometimes I don’t quite get there, especially on days like today when the scene I’m writing requires more research. Some days I write far more than the goal. It all depends on where I am in the story and how good I feel about what is happening with my characters.

What advice do you have for new writers just starting out?
I often see this question and I always think of myself. I would tell anyone who wants to write to just write! Put the words down on paper. You can always revise or rewrite your work, but it is incredibly satisfying when you realize that you actually wrote an entire novel. In the words of Dory from “Finding Nemo,” – just keep swimming!

What projects are you working on right now?
Right now I’m about 22,000 words into my second novel. It is a sequel to “A Trio of Worlds.” I’ve tentatively named it “Rise of the D’lai”, but as with Trio, the name could change. I originally called Trio “The Negotiator” until I had a moment of inspiration driving to pick up a swag bag from my employer. I expect to be finished with the rough draft in another month or so and then the hard work of editing and all that comes with that starts up! 

Thank you James for a wonderful interview!

If you are a fellow writer, author, or blogger and want  your own interview go to

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Dose of Reality? In Need of Encouragement?

I think that, as a writer, no matter how exciting it is to have finished a novel, I have those nagging doubts. Yesterday, as I looked at my book sales, I had one of those moments. I'm grateful that I could take a step back and, with the help of my wife, realize that at the end of the day, what is important is not the sales. What is important is the accomplishment! I wrote a freaking book! I'm a third of the way through another one! That's no minor accomplishment.

I want to encourage all of my fellow authors today. Take a moment and reflect. You are amazing! You've done something (or are in the process of) that so few people have. There may be a million books on Amazon, but when you press submit on that final draft, you are now one of the stars!