Are Aliens Already Among Us?

Recently in the news there have been so many reports in the news on the recent reports from the US Government about the unidentified aerial phenomenon. Articles in respectable publications such as The New York Times are mind-blowing to read.

As a Science Fiction writer I find this kind of news utterly fascinating. Could this all be true? An excerpt from my novel A Trio of Worlds seems appropriate at this juncture!

Chapter One Excerpt: The first appearance by the Cathari had resulted in planet wide chaos. The second appearance of the Cathari was just after the planet wrapped up a successful attempt at unifying. Humans were not fooled by the reappearance. It was generally believed that the strides the planet had made toward peace was the motivating factor in their re-emergence.

Curious and want to read more? Check out A Trio of Worlds. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited!

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