Review of "A Trio of Worlds" by Anthony Avina

Anthony Avina, the author of The Nightmare Wars series recently reviewed my novel "A Trio of Wars." His review comes on the very day that my new audiobook was published on Audible! To say that today has been an exciting day would be an understatement.
Some highlights of Mr. Avina's review are below. To read the full review, please visit his site.
A masterful, entertaining, and heart-pounding sci-fi adventure, author James R. Norwood’s “A Trio of Worlds” is the perfect first novel in a brand new sci-fi series that fans of the genre will not be able to put down. Great character development, mesmerizing pacing that keeps the reader invested, and a fantastic blend of imagery and mythos to really cement this fictional universe in place, this is a phenomenal story to draw new readers in. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

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