Sunday Morning Coffee and Lit

 Another Sunday and another excerpt! I've been busy working on revising and working with my producer on the audiobook version. I've submitted what I hope are final edits to the voice actor and "A Trio of Worlds" the audiobook should be almost finished! How exciting! Anyway, enjoy this week's brief excerpt. Don't forget to visit Amazon and pick up a copy today.

The D'lai was perhaps the most mysterious species in the known galaxy. No living sentient had ever knowingly seen an individual D'lai. The D'lai always appeared in flowing robes that hid everything, including their faces. Among the various planets, however, no one feared the D'lai more than the Gathung. Approaching two hundred years prior, when the Gathung first began venturing into orbit around their planet and explored their home system, the D'lai swept in and seized control of the Gathung'l system.

Thousands of ordinary Gathung died in the purge that followed. Any individual found to not be in top genetic form had been killed or sterilized and put into work camps. Others who opposed the brutal rule of the D'lai were blinded, mutilated, and often executed -- all publicly. Needless to say, any public resistance died down fast and the Gathung began a century of enslavement to the D'lai Authority.

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