Sunday Morning Coffee and Lit

Good Sunday morning! (well, Monday since yesterday was Mother's Day and I was spending time with family)

Here is a new edition of Sunday Morning Coffee and Lit. Also, for more excerpts I've created a Patreon account with some cool swag as well! Enjoy this week's free excerpt!

Still floating outside, Gallagher was examining the shimmering outline of the alien ship. He recognized from experience that only a few sentient races had crafts capable of cloaking. His own planet perfected the technique only recently, but it was improbable that a human star ship would be this far out into The Orion Arm. Humans tended to be mildly xenophobic and only the most adventurous of humans ventured beyond their own solar system. Gallagher, being one of them, left Earth the moment he was legally allowed to and headed off into deep space aboard a Cathari frigate.

He had been among the first humans to have been accepted into the Imperial War College on Cathar Prime, one of the nearest inhabited systems to Earth. The Cathari were members of an interplanetary alliance spanning two dozen inhabited systems. Earth had been invited to join the alliance upon achieving a single world government, but the leaders of the planet, in an extraordinarily close vote, declined the invitation. The Cathari, unconvinced by humanity's xenophobia, established an embassy in London, the new capital of a united Earth. Over the next few years, other planets, including the Gathung, would send embassies as well, allowing Earth to maintain loose contact with the galaxy at large.

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